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Nameless Local Beauty Drives Guys Nuts

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 September 2015)

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Tall and tan and young and lovely the girl from Mehmet Akif...

In Konya, İrfan Teke stabbed another youth who was roaming
around the home of local neighborhood girl because Teke has
a crush on the same girl.

İsmail Özercan (28), was walking around the home of a girl
he is interested in who lives on Hadimi avenue in the Mehmet
Akif neighborhood in Selçuklu district when he ran into Teke,
who lives in the same neighborhood. When the two realized
that they both had a crush on the same girl, Teke said to Özercan
"what are you doing around here!?".

In the ensuing argument, Teke pulled a knife from his waist and
plunged it into Özercan's legs. Özercan was able to make it to a
local health unit and after initial treatment there, he was taken to
Konya Training and Research Hospital for further care.

Özercan explained to police that he has fallen in love with a girl
whose name he does not know and that the argument with Teke
over the girl resulted in his being stabbed. Police are pursuing
Teke, who remains at large.

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                         Konya province

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