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Human Ingenuity Takes Filth to New Depths

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 September 2015)

Cennet gitti cehenneme buyurun!
But it's all biodegradable! (after a million years)

During the filming of a documentary at the Cennet and
Cehennem Obrukları (Heaven and Hell sinkholes-caves) in
Silifke district of Mersin province, it was all too clear
that an important cultural treasure has been turned into
a garbage dump by humans.

Cennet Obruğu (Heaven Sinkhole), viewed from afar.

The documentary team parachuted into the 110-meter
deep Cehennem Obruğu and director Cemal Mekan
has this to say about what they encountered: "we were
greeted down below by a sea of plastic water bottles.
What we saw is that people create filth even in places
where they don't live. There was trash like a hand-cart
and barrels."

Image result for cennet cehennem obrukları haritası
Easily mistaken for landfılls, right?

Silifke district is west of Mersin city, on the eastern
Turkish Mediterranean coast. 

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