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A Pooch Named Lawson Adopted by NY Vet

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 September 2015)

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Lawson ready to rock 'n roll in the USA henceforth.

A 10 month-old street dog named Lawson whose spine was
broken in a traffic accident in Esenyurt, Istanbul, has been
adopted by a New York veterinarian. Lawson was sent to the
U.S.A. last saturday by 'He'Art of Rescue International', which
specializes in saving animals in dire need, treating them and
finding homes for them.

Rima Nur, the founder of the 'He'Art of Rescue Internationl'
branch in Turkey, sent Lawson on his way via a Turkish Airlines
flight from Istanbul to New York. Nur explained that "the shelter
where Lawson was sent after the accident in Esenyurt was of no
value to him. And no one wanted to adopt him so we started the
adoption process. There's a break in his spine and its not something
that can be treated in Turkey or abroad. We got him a wheel chair
device and then the New York veterinarian adopted him. He'll
live a good life henceforth."

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Hopefully, Lawson's visa is somewhere in the cage. 

Nur noted that in Turkey dogs that don't have a pedigree or are
street dogs aren't adopted. She added that "even if they are
adopted, they're shunted off to a corner of the garden. They're
not looked after like pedigree dogs but this is just prejudice.
Street dogs are as smart and loveable as pedigree dogs. In
Turkey, a dog who's been in an accident won't be adopted so
we're sending him to this woman veterinarian in America."

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      Esenyurt district of Istanbul

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