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Spiderman Has Triplets

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 26 September 2015)

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         Spider-teens in larva stage...

In Erzurum, leaking gas from a cigarette lighter gas tube
in the glove compartment of a pick-up truck, in which three
three teenagers were smoking, caused an explosion. As the
result of the flames, the faces and hands of the teenagers
were burned.

The incident occurred last week in Yakutiye district's
Sanayi neighborhood. R.K. (15) and two of his friends
began chatting in R.K.'s father's pick-up truck when one
of the boys flicked his lighter to light a cigarette. That's
when the explosion took place.

Since the truck's windows were closed, the teenagers were
trapped in a fireball but managed to get themselves outside.
R.K. and friends M.G. (14) and O.G. (16) were taken to
the hospital by relatives. About their travail, R.K. noted
that "we didn't smell any gas when we were in the truck.
We really didn't get burned too badly but they wrapped
us up like Spiderman just in case."

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Yakutiye district is in central Erzurum province.

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