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Turkey Infiltrating Montana to Make Atom Bomb

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 September 2015)

‘Barajı verirsek Türkler kapar’
              A Turk in chief's clothing.

Turkey's name has come up in a lawsuit related to the return
of two dams in the state of Montana to Native Americans.
Senator Bod Keenan and former Senator Verdell Jackson filed
the suit with the aim of blocking the return of the dams to the
local tribes.

Put a crescent on that tie Bob and you're half way to Turkish.

Interesting claims have been made in the lawsuit, such as "if the
dams are returned to the Native Americans, the Turkish government
may start to look for nuclear raw materials on U.S. soil." (!)
Senators Keenan and Jackson, who don't want the dams returned to
the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes, stressed that Turkey
and the Turkish-American Association have long tried to establish
and develop commercial ties with Native Americans.

He won't be laughing when the Turks drop the big one on Montana.

The Senators assert that "the Turkish government may start to spread
its brand of Islam among the tribes or even engage in potentially
more dangerous activities."  The language in the suit states that these
activities may include trying to access uranium sources or engaging
in efforts to acquire other nuclear bomb-making materials (!!).

Image result for montana map
The soon-to-be Ottoman province of Montanistan

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