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Attack of the Chinese Vampire Butterflies

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 September 2015)

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Would that Hitchcock were alive to make a sequel...

For about six years the coastal region of the eastern Black
Sea has been at war with an insect whose Latin name is
"Ricania simulans", of the "Homoterra" species. The home
country of the insect that infests the region from Artvin's
Hopa district to Trabzon's Araklı, is China.

The village chief of Şenyamaç village in Ardeşen district of
Rize province lamented that "at night when they see the lights
they come so we've come to the point where we don't turn on
any lights at night. As we gather tea they're all over us. We
don't know if they're the result of some biological war or
whether they spawned by themselves."

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The most unpleasant side of the (faux) butterfly effect.

The insect came to Turkey by means of various plants from
Georgia and propagated in populated areas. The insects suck
the sap from plants and have caused tea and corn to dry up.
The creatures start to fly when they reach maturity and when
they see light at night they enter homes.

The local populace doesn't open windows anymore. Prof. Dr.
Şaban Güçlü of Bozok (!) University explained that the insects
resemble butterflies but they are not butterflies. Dr. Kibar Ak
of the Black Sea Agricultural Research Institute, noted that
the insects came across the border on plants from Georgia in
recent years as cross-border activity between Turkey and Georgia

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Yes, there really is a Bozok University. It's in Yozgat.

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