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Gas Edition: Model Politician; Tea-totaller Saved

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 22 September 2015

Uşak bunu konuşuyor
Our politicians are always setting such a good example...

Özkan Yalım, a CHP (Republican Peoples Party) member
of Parliament from Uşak and a candidate in the 1 November
elections, had the entrance and exit to his gas station torn
up by an excavator machine and 8 trucks positioned around
the gas pumps to prevent sales.  Yalım did all this because
the person renting the gas station refused to give it up,
although, according to Yalım, the one year lease had concluded.

Police began an investigation based on scenes of the incident
captured on workplace cameras and Yalım was forced to
remove the excavator and the trucks six hours later, by order
of the public prosecutor.

In his defense, Yalım claimed that the excavator had entered
the gas station for repairs. The renter, though, asserted that
Yalım wanted him to vacate the gas station early so he could
run it for his own profit. The renter stated that he would pursue
his rights through legal channels.

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                           Uşak province

türkçe  links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 September 2015)

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"I'd like to (hiccup) make a reservation"

The night before last in Kemer district of Antalya, a luxury car
driven drunk by Utku A. (27) crashed through the wall of the
Ares Club Oteli and into the lobby, which was devastated.
Some 30 seconds earlier, receptionist Uğur Ulu had gone for a
tea break that saved his life.

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          Saved by a tea break.

Ulu explained that "the fellows next door invited me over for
tea and thirty seconds after I left the desk the car crashed
through the wall. Tea saved my life." Driver Utku A. was
slightly injured in the incident. He tested 2.37 promil for his
blood-alcohol content.

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