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Monkey Business Turns Deadly in Mecca

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 11 September 2015)

There must be a profound insight underlying this...right?

Fethullah İskola (60) of Muş province in Turkey went to Mecca
in Saudi Arabia to make the haj pilgrimage.  Together with
some other hajis, İskola went on a night trip to Nur Dağı (Nur
mountain) located about 5 kilometers from the Kabe in Mecca.

Image result for nur dağı mekke haritası
         Hira cave on Nur mountain.

At the Hira cave, some 300 meters high, İskola put his bag to
one side and began to pray. However, he noticed that a monkey
had grabbed his bag so he began to chase the creature. In the
darkness the unfortunate haji lost his footing on the steep rocks
and fell off a cliff. İskola was rescued but he expired at the

Image result for turkey saudi arabia map
Muş is in eastern Turkey. Mecca near Jiddah on the
Red Sea coast.


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