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Alert Trump: Turks Aiding Moslems in Mexico!

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 June 2016)

Müslüman Kızılderililere dikiş atölyesi
                     They're sewing a wall!

Native Americans in Mexico have started to become Moslems.
There are about 5,000 Moslems in Mexico and 400 of them are
Tzotzil Native Americans who live in San Cristobal de Las Casas
city in Chiapas state. The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination
Agency (TİKA) has provided these Moslems with a modern sewing

TİKA has also provided the Tzotzil with 6 cows.  In its efforts to
help people everywhere TİKA has even provided a fresh water
facility to 5,000 Native Americans in the state of Oregon in the
USA at a cost of 200,000 USD.
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    I think the word will start with the letter 'F'.

TİKA is closely concerned with the situation of Moslems in the
Americas and conducted research into the economic woes of
Native Americans, in particular.  TİKA's Mexico City Program
Coordination Office noticed that some Native Americans are
becoming Moslems.  In the 1800's Moslems emigrated to Mexico
from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.  İslam is now spreading
rapidly in Chiapas State in the very south of the country.

The modern sewing workshop for the Tzotzil was coordinated with
the Istanbul municipality and TİKA has provided cloth material, as
well. In addition to the milk cows it contributed to the Tzotzil, TİKA,
together with the Turkish Red Crescent, organized an 'iftar' (breaking
the Ramazan fast evening meal) for the Moslem Tzotzil.

TİKA Director Serdar Çam explained that "our historically close ties
with Latin America (?) gained momentum following a number of
visits by our President to the region.  Thanks to the our links with
the El Turco's in Mexico, stretching back to the past, we will set up
bridges with Anatolia."

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What wall? They'll come across the Gulf in boats!

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