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Untimely Passings: Equipment Malfunctions

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 14 June 2016)

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 Zeliha hanım asks the pertinent question: why?

Citizens who found a lifeless body in the yard of an apartment
house in the Toros neighborhood of Çukurova district, Adana,
called the police.  Subsequently, it was determined that the body was
that of American Thaddeus Mithcheel Borowicz (61) of the 10th
Tanker Base Command at Incirlik Air Base.

When the situation was investigated it was found that the death
of Borowicz, both of whose legs were broken off, was an incredible
tragedy.  The U.S. firefighter, the father of two children, had forgotten
his wallet and keys as he left for work in the morning. Locked out, he
went to the roof of the building, tied a cable to a chimney and began
to lower himself even with his 10 floor flat.

The cable snapped, though, sending Borowicz plunging to the ground.
As he fell, his legs hit the iron gate of the yard and broke off.
Borowicz's wife Zeliha, who had been at their summer house in
Karataş district, arrived at the scene and became hysterical. Borowicz's
body will be transported to Traverse City, Michigan, for burial.

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                Adana province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 June 2016)

Buzdolabı kapağının  üstünde balık tutarken suya düşüp boğuldular
                Seaworthy? Maybe not.

In Uzunköprü district of Edirne province, Mehmet Özen (40) took
his friend's son Soykan Duyar (10) fishing at Beykonak Village Dam.
The two fashioned a raft out of a discarded refrigerator and a couple
of barrels and set out onto the dam lake.

However, soon afterwards the 'refrigerator raft' began to sink.
Gendarmerie and AFAD (search & rescue) teams soon arrived at the
scene and found the lifeless bodies of both Özen and Duyarı in the
water.  The bodies were then sent to the morgue in Istanbul for

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               Edirne province

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