22 Haziran 2016 Çarşamba

Bodrum Edition

//ed.note: TNT editor-in-chief is currently on assignment in Bodrum
and filed this report*.// 

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 20 June 2016)

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        Customer scarcity breeds mayhem.

The scene in Bodrum, the touristic heaven in Muğla province, resembled
 a war zone the evening before last.  At about 2200 hours, a fight erupted
between the workers at two clothing stores who were vying for 2 (these days
very scarce) tourists on Ayaz Avenue.  When friends and relations of the
 two sides came to join in, the situation got out of hand.

As amazed tourists looked on, the two opposing groups numbering about
50 participants went after each other with stones and bats.  Police arrived,
sprayed pepper gas and fired warning shots in the air to control the situation.

Fourteen people were hospitalized and 25 individuals were taken into
custody.  Other shopkeepers noted that most of the stores that sell clothes
and costume jewelry are owned by relatives and they noted that there has
been tension between them lately.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 June 2016)

Plajda kamyon şaşkınlığı!
Kids will be able to write about "my day at the beach". 

When about 120 people, mostly women and children, arrived in a truck
at the beach at Gerelkoyu, in Yalıçiftlik, Bodrum, onlookers were taken
by surprise.  Assuming that the truck-borne passengers were speaking
Arabic (probably Kurdish), other beachgoes thought they were Syrian
 refugees.  When they began eating picnic-style and entering the water
fully clothed, citizens alerted the Gendarmerie.

The Gendarmerie determined that the newcomers were the families of
workers at a solid waste disposal facility in Bodrum.  While checking ID's,
the Gendarmerie came upon T.K. (23), who was being sought by police.
He was taken into custody.  The driver of the truck, M.D. (45), was fined
147 TL (about 50 USD) for transporting more that 58 people in his truck.

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* TNT editor-in-chief took the train as much as possible en route to 

Istanbul-Eşkişehir-Izmir-Söke (bus from Söke to Bodrum) 

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