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Taxi Driver Creates Tourists' Nightmare

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 June 2016)

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The Istanbul vacation of French citizen Espinossa Stephani
and her Panamanian husband Christof Stephani ended badly.
The incident in question occurred on Eu Suud Avenue in the
Alemdar neighborhood of Fatih district in Istanbul.

According to the account of the Stephani's, they had been out
for the evening and wanted to return to their hotel in the
Sirkeci quarter at about 0130 hours that night. They got into
a taxi but the driver began to head in the wrong direction. The
couple protested and asked to be dropped off but the driver
continued on his way.

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Yet another successful effort to dissuade tourists from Istanbul.

As the couple's cries grew louder, the driver pulled over to the
right and stopped.  But as Christop Stephani got out the driver
stepped on the gas taking Espinossa Stephani with him. Christop
immediately reported to the police that his wife had been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, the taxi driver took Espinossa to a warehouse, stole
her cellphone and 300 Euros and had a friend keep an eye on her.
After four hours in the warehouse, Espinossa finally had a chance
to escape and found a phone to call her husband.

Police checked surveillance video and caught the taxi driver 15
hours later.  In his statement at the police station the driver
explained that "she was fighting with her husband. They each
got off at different places. I didn't kidnap anyone."  The driver
was released (!) under judicial conditions.

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               Fatih district of Istanbul


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