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No Mehmet, It's Not OK

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 June 2016)

Tecavüz eden eski  sevgilisini vurdu
Long overdue, he gets his just desserts, just like at the OK Corral. 

In Konya, Havva Büyükdoğurcan (42) first married 22 years ago
and after two years her husband died of an illness. Havva then
moved in with her family, together with her child in the İsmil
neighborhood and began an affair with married man Mehmet Ok
(39), which lasted a few years.

However, Ok insisted on continuing the relationship and threatened
to tell Havva's family.  As a result, Havva consented to see Ok,
who sometimes forced her to have sex.  In 2005, Havva married
again but Ok didn't leave her alone, once again threatening to tell
her new husband about their relationship. Consequently, Havva
continued to get together with Ok.

Ok came to Havva's house 10 days ago, took Havva by force to
İsmil neighborhood, beat her and raped her.  The day before
yesterday Ok phoned Havva and said "I'm going to come to your
house and rape you." (!)  Shortly afterwards Ok showed up at
Havva's home in the Sakarya neighborhood of Selçuklu district.

At this point, Havva grabbed her unlicensed revolver, which she
had obtained in İsmil neighborhood, and said to Ok when he
knocked on the door "I've had enough of you!"   Seeing the gun,
Ok turned tail and headed down the staircase but Havva shot him
in 6 places, killing him.

Havva hanım then called police and said "I've killed someone.
Come and get me."  Havva was taken into custody and to jail.

                       Konya province

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