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Family Feud: A Tale of Hired Guns

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 18 June 2016)

Tuttuğu kiralık katili öldürmek için iki kiralık katil daha tuttu!
The hitman's secret - they all have blurry faces for stealth.

Behind a murder committed in Kâğıthane, İstanbul, last year there lies
the 38-year feud between two families from Muş and Malatya.  On 21
October last year, in the Hamidiye neighborhood of Kâğıthane, Murat
Aydemir, who himself had a long police record, was shot and seriously
wounded on Kemerburgaz Avenue at about 10 at night.

With his last breath, Aydemir gave police the name of his killer.
Subsequently, police took Oğuz Y. (42), Abdullah Y. (43) and Ufuk T.
(27) into custody.  As the interrogation of the suspects continued, police
learned that the feud stretched back 38 years when Necati Y. shot and
killed Muharrem D. in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, in 1978.

Image result for family feud ray combs 1988
       When family feuds were fun.

After spending 8 months (!) in jail in 1978, Necati Y. had been released
Then, on 30 September, 1997, Necati Y., a Malatya native, and his son
Oğuz Y. were shot in Istanbul.  Necati Y. died in the attack.  Oğuz Y.
held Ali D. responsible for his father's death and hired hitman Murat
Aydemir to rub out Ali D.

However, Aydemir only succeeded in wounding Ali D. when he shot
him in Yeşilköy, Istanbul, in 2002.  This performance by Aydemir did
not sit well with Oğuz Y.  For his part, Aydemir scolded Oğuz Y.,
saying "you made things bad for me. You didn't watch out for me and
you didn't keep your word."

In 2013, Aydemir shot Oğuz Y. in the leg and told him "next time it'll
be your head."  After this attack, Oğuz Y. was forced to use a cane.  For
revenge he hired Abdullah Y. and Ufuk T. to shoot Aydemir.  However,
despite Aydemir telling police with his last breath that Oğuz Y. had
him killed, when the three suspects denied any involvement in court
they were set free (!)...but not for long because all three were sentenced
for other crimes and taken to jail.

Image result for muş malatya haritası
             Too close for comfort.


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