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Ass Backwards X-ray Coincidence

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 June 2016)

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  Murat Parlar reacts: "What the f...!"

In Beyşehir district of Konya province, police went into action
after getting a tip about a forced entry into a home by two people.
Arriving at the scene, police captured O.D. (26) and the other
suspect, Ö.A., who was able to flee in his car, after a 40-kilometer

Police searched both the individuals and the car but found nothing.
Suspect Ö.A. was taken to Beyşehir State Hospital for a physical
exam and police noticed that he was walking with a bit of a hitch.
So x-rays were taken of Ö.A. and (lo and behold!) a packet with
2 gold rings, 4 gold earrings, a gold ID bracelet and two gold
necklaces was discovered in his anus (!).

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Yes, one's gait could certainly be affected.

It turned out that the stolen gold had been taken from the home of
x-ray technician Murat Parlar, who was (understandably) bewildered
by this coincidence.

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Beyşehir district is in westermost Konya province.

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