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Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 June 2016)

Dünyanın göç eden tek boz ayıları Sarıkamış'ta keşfedildi
                     Of course not, he migrates.

There has been an important finding made with regard to
research and protection of wild life in eastern Anatolia,
thanks to a project led by Dr. Çağan Şekercioğlu, the head
of the Kars North Nature Association. Dr. Şekercioğlu and
his team have determined that the steppe bears living in the
Sarıkamış region are the first bears in the world to have
ever been tracked in migration, using satellite transmitters.

Image result for dünyanın ilk göç eden boz ayıları sarıkamışta
                           Oops! Sorry!

Dr. Şekercioğlu, who is an academician working at both Utah
and Koç Universities, worked with a team made up of scientists
from Zurich, Kafkas, Zagreb and Boğaziçi universities. By
means of the satellite transmitters, they were able to determine
that the bears left Sarıkamış in the Fall and went to Şavşat in
Artvin province to spend the winter, a round-trip of about 250

According to Dr. Şekercioğlu, there has never been any other
documentation in world scientific literature of steppe bears
migrating in this way.

Şavşat, Artvin, at the red dot. Sarıkamış is to the south.

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