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Liver Let Die: Third Ring's a Charm

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 June 2016)

Organ nakli için arandı, dolandırıcı sanıp açmadı
    You just never know who might be calling...

Muammer Şen, who lives in Anamur district of Mersin province,
woke up 5 years ago and saw that his skin had turned yellow.  At
the hospital Şen learned that he had cirrhosis and began treatment,
getting himself a place on the list for a liver transplant, as well.

At about 1 AM the night before last, Şen's telephone rang but seeing
that the calling number began with a zero he assumed it to be a
bogus call.  Then a second call came from the same number. Again,
Şen did not pick up the phone.  The third time, though, Şen took
the call and it was from Akdeniz University Hospital in Antalya.

Upon learning that a liver donor had been found, Şen immediately
went to Antalya and a successful liver transplant operation ensued.
Şen said afterwards that he will always answer all his calls

Image result for turkey med coast map
Anamur is about in the middle of the map, on the Med coast.

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