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Far Future Filling; Pier-less Past Tombstones

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 June 2016)

743 gün sonra  diş randevusu
         He had a conflict that day anyway...

Retired teacher İsmet Can (60), who lives in Erdemli district
of Mersin province, went to visit his daughter in Istanbul.  While
there, a filling fell out of a tooth so he went to the nearby Istanbul
University Dentistry Faculty's clinic and was examined on 27 April.

Can then made an appointment to get the filling re-done and was
given the following time and date: 09.30 a.m. on October 5th 2018 (!).
Can checked with the appointments clerk to make sure and the clerk
confirmed it. Nonplussed, Can said that "waiting 743 days to get a
filling replaced has to be a joke. I went back to Erdemli and got it
done by a private dentist in 5 minutes."

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Erdemli district is southwest of Mersin city on the Med. coast.

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 June 2016)

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        Recycling at its historic worst.

A scandal has been uncovered that had remained a secret for years
along the shore in Gevaş district of Van province,  Historic Selçuk
gravestones were pulled up from their graves and used to make a
pier on the Lake Van shore 70 years ago.  The pier is now underwater.

Tahsin Ceylan, a diver and an underwater photographer, in Gevaş
again, recalled the photographs he had taken 22 years before
of the gravestone pier but realized that the pier was now no longer
there.  After talking with Gevaş Mayor Sinan Hakan, Ceylan dived
once again, this time with Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sarı and located the
Selçuk gravestones with their Arabic inscriptions.

Mayor Hakan noted that local people had heard about the Selçuk
gravestone pier "and we now know that it's true. The stones were
barbarically torn up from their graves to make a pier. We're
planning to make it an underwater museum for diving tourism

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Gevaş is on the south shore of Lake Van.

//ed. note: The Great Selçuks entered eastern Anatolia in
the mid-to-late 11th century, defeating the Byzantines at
Malazgirt in nearby Muş province in 1071 A.D.//



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