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Father of the Year ('Worst' Category)

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 June 2016)

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Will receive his Father-of-the Year award in a special prison 
ceremony on Fathers Day. 

In Adana's Yüreğir district, Mehmet Cüneyt A. (25) eloped with
Emine K. (23) five years ago and the couple lived together in
common-law for two years.  Five months after their daughter
İremsu was born, Mehmet and Emine married legally but two
years later, because of irreconcilable differences, the two divorced.

The court gave custody of İremsu to her mother, who returned to
her father's home.  This past Monday, Emine, who works at a
private security firm, left İremsu with Mehmet while she went
to work.  Mehmet then left the child with his relatives and went
to a coffee house.

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   Not appropriate for child's play. 

When Mehmet returned he found that İremsu was crying for her
mother.  When he could not quiet the child, Mehmet began to
beat İremsu, who escaped her father's grasp and fled on to the
street.  When Mehmet caught İremsu he continued to beat her
in the middle of the street

At this point, Mehmet spotted a Yüreğir municipality garbage truck,
into which Mehmet threw İremsu (!).  The garbage collectors, who
were just about to activate the garbage compressor, rescued the
child.  Mehmet then attacked the garbage collector M.K.Ç. but
onlookers called the police, who took Mehmet into custody.

Mehmet, wanted by the police on three counts of fraud, should
have been serving a 1 year, 1 month 14 day sentence. Emine K.,
when she learned that İremsu was nearly crushed by the garbage
truck compactor, filed a complaint against Mehmet.

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Yüreğir district is in southern Adana province.


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