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The Greatest - Even Then They Knew

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 June 2016)

Çocuklarını tedavi ettiren Muhammed Ali için ağlıyor
  Champ tends to needy kids in Munich in 1976.

Emel Hadduroğlu Ozan (76) lives in İskenderun district of
Hatay province.  She went to a tomb to pray for world-famous
boxer Muhammed Ali, who had her children medically treated
40 years ago (!).

In 1965, Ozan's daughter Nilgün and son Camiz became ill
because of a blood disorder caused by Ozan's marriage to a
relative, so she went to Germany to work and to get treatment
for her children.

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"Muhammed Ali will pay for treatment of Turkish kids in U.S."

While Ozan and her family were in Munich in 1976, Ali came
there for a match.  Ozan took her kids to Ali's hotel.  He
noticed them as they called out to him from among other fans
and Ali then and there promised to have her children treated in
the U.S.

However, Nilgün died as the travel documents were being readied
and German doctors said they could operate on Camiz there.
Nevertheless, Ali sent two professors from the U.S. to join in
the operation. Camiz passed away at age 32.

Ozan explained that "ever since I heard that Ali died I've been
sick myself.  That day (in Munich in 1976) he said to me 'don't
cry, I'm a father, too. I'll help you.'  I'll never forget the kindness
he showed to me."    

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              But only one was real.

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