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The Goose That Ate the Golden Lighters

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(Cumhurriyet Newspaper, 2 June 2016)

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At about 9 AM the day before yesterday in Sancaktepe, Istanbul,
shopkeeper Muhammet Zarif (60) left his shop with 6,000 TL
(about 2,000 USD) and headed for home.  As he walked along
the street a Russian speaking person called out to Zarif, who had
trouble understanding what the man wanted from him.

At that point, another person 'just happened' to come by and
introduced himself as a teacher.  The 'teacher' also just happened
to know Russian and explained to Zarif that the Russian-speaker
wanted to cash in some gold and was looking for a place to sell
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            Just like in Fort Knox.

The 'teacher' then gave the Russian-speaker 3,000 TL for 3 gold
ingots and when he learned that Zarif had 6,000 TL on him he
asked Zarif to buy 4 ingots, which Zarif did, and said he would
go home and get the money to pay back Zarif.

Zarif waited for a while and then examined the 'ingots', which
turned out to be cigarette lighters.  Police are now looking through
security camera footage to try to identify the hoodwinkers.

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     Sancaktepe district of Istanbul.

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