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She'd Rather Not Wait for Alimony

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 June 2016)

Hırsız sandı, karısı çıktı
Vedat with plenty of elbow room, along with a photo of the
couple in happier (and better furnished) times.

In Izmir, Vedat E., who married his second wife Z.E. (51) three
years ago, was robbed blind by Z.E.  Vedat had gone to their
summer house in Urla from Karabağlar with his wife, who then
advised him that she wanted to return to Izmir to do some shopping
in the Kemeraltı section of the city.

When Z.E. did not return that evening, Vedat hopped in his car
and went to Izmir, only to find that everything in the house, from
drinking glasses to the chandeliers, had been loaded onto a  truck
and taken away by Z.E.  Vedat tried to call his wife but received
no answer.

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            "She even took the toaster!"

Vedat then went to the police station and learned that his wife
and some of her friends had loaded all the furniture and household
goods onto a truck and headed for Antalya.  According to the police,
since these were goods shared in marriage Vedat had no legal

Z.E. had also taken 5,000 TL that Vedat had kept in a notebook,
in connection with his duties as the apartment building tenants
director. A bewildered Vedat claimed that there were no problems
between he and his wife (!). He added that he had signed over the
deed to the house to her, effective upon his death.  Besides some
pictures and the oven, which could not be removed, Vedat found
nothing left in the house.

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