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Journey to the Center of the Earth: Çorum

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 June 2016)

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     What Rome? All roads lead to Çorum.

Yesterday Google Maps, the map service of the world's most-
used search engine Google, announced that the geographic center
of the world is located in the rural area of Çorum.  The news
spread quickly across the internet and was picked up by the
Anatolian News Agency here.

The report stated that in 2003 the German scientist Holger
Isenberg developed the global digital horizontal model that was
used to make this new calculation designating Çorum as the center
of the Earth's land surface.

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             Prof. Dr. Holger Isenberg

Çorum, famous for its 'leblebi' (roasted chickpeas), is now
excited about this new claim to fame.  Mayor Muzaffer Külcü
declared that "We really weren't that surprised. We knew it
anyway.  Çorum is where the Hittite civilization made its capital.
We have a 7,000-year history.  From now on, though, we won't
only be famous for leblebi. We'll be know by everyone as the
city that's the center of the Earth."

leblebi everything you never wanted to know about leblebi.

Çorum's head of the city's Commerce and Industry Association,
Çetin Başaranhıncal, asserted that "we should use the tourism potential
of being the world's center to our advantage and publicize ourselves
better."  He immediately recommended that the city get a new

Toward evening, however, Google did not make any further
statement on the matter and a map that Turkish social media users
created was posted on the Imgur website.

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                        Where's Çorum?

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