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Un-Candid Camera Foils Gold Robbers

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 29 August 2016)
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       Their hero.

A jeweler in Rize sent about 5 kilograms of gold by bus to Istanbul.
The gold disappeared in Çorum but the 'foolproof' plan that involved
the bus driver and two rest-stop workers was foiled by the 'broken'
video system at the rest-stop.

The incident, which was the equal to any comedy film, began when
Rize jeweler Z.T. sent the 4.7 kilos of gold to another jeweler in
Istanbul for repair.  Once repaired, the gold was sent back to Rize
in a special compartment in the passenger bus.

When the bus reached Rize minus the gold, Z.T. filed a complaint
with the police.  The 1,150-kilometer Rize-Istanbul bus route was
scrubbed for clues, as police looked at security camera footage all
along the way.  But when a rest-stop camera in Çorum was reported
to be 'broken', police began to focus their investigation there.

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Bus driver C.T. in a defiant mood.

The questioning of workers at the rest-stop resulted in conflicting
accounts. Ultimately, police determined that bus driver C.T. and
rest-stop workers Ü.Y. and A.F. had planned the heist and stashed
the gold in a vacant lot. 

Police recovered 3.8 kilos of gold from the lot and 685 grams of
gold was found on the suspects.  So about 4.5 kilos of gold were
returned to Z.T.  The suspects were transported to Rize for
arraignment but released pending trial. However, the Çorum
prosecutor objected because the crime was committed in his
jurisdiction and the suspects were sent back to jail in Çorum.

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                       Çorum (A) -Rize

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