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Animal Edition: Kidney Relief & Libyan Monkeyshine

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 22 November 2016)

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    Horse theft/riding for kidney stones relief.

An 11 year-old horse named "Hazal" that was ridden as therapy
for about 50 autistic children at the Melikgazi Rehabilitation
Center in the Konaklar neighborhood of Melikgazi district,
Kayseri, was stolen from its stable on the night of 21 September.

After looking at security camera video, police determined that
"Hazal" was stolen by Muhammet G. (27) of Mimarsinan village.
Muhammet G. was taken into custody and made the following
statement: "I have kidney stones so I went to the doctor and he
told me 'if you ride on a horse the stones will drop down.'  I
saw the horse nearby so I went and stole it.  When I saw the
report on the news I got scared and left the horse in a vacant
lot.  I stole it based on the doctor's recommendation."

Muhammet G. was incarcerated and the search for "Hazal"

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               Kayseri province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 November 2016)

Libya’da ‘maymun’ çatışması: 20 ölü
Never would have happened in Kaddafi's Libya (sigh...). Oh
for the good old days.

In the south of Libya a monkey bit a teenage girl and took off
the girl's head covering, sparking a blood feud that left 20
people dead and 50 wounded.  The incident occurred last Thursday
in the city of Sabha, where the monkey, owned by a grocer from the
Gazazefe tribe, attacked the girl, who is from the Evlad Süleyman

Prompted by the attack, a person from the girl's tribe killed the
monkey and three Gazazefe tribe members.  Activist Bader al-Daheli
explained that on Sunday the two tribes armed themselves and
confronted each other.  The high level of deaths and injuries reflected
the use of tanks and mortars (!) in the fighting.

The Sabha City Council called for a cease fire and the government in
Tobruk urged tribal leaders to act as peacemakers and end the fighting.

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