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Health Edition: 'Sumo' Diet; Angelic 'Nurse'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 November 2016)

Kendin pişir kendin zayıfla
   Bread and water diet fends off the 'sumo' look.

Hüseyin Pişkin (42), of Nazilli district, Aydın province, wanted
to lose weight so he could participate in his favorite sports (sumo
wrestling NOT being one of them).  Pişkin asked for advice from
Dr. Fatma Banu Öztürk, who recommended a certain kind of
bread to Pişkin.

When he couldn't find the bread he began cooking it in his own
bakery.  Now, Pişkin has dropped from 120 kilograms to 92
kilograms.  He explained that "I like adrenalin so I parachute off
cliffs. But the limit for participants is 95 kilograms.  I went with
my friends to China for parachuting but when they saw me they
thought I was a sumo wrestler.  That was the day I decided to lose

Pişkin and Dr. Öztürk are now producing rye, mixed grain and
wheat breads and are talking them up on social media.

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 3 November 2016)

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"Well, Putin wasn't going to help her, so I did."

Ahmet El İlevi was living in Aleppo, Syria, when it was bombed
by Russian-Syrian forces.  His wife and two children were killed
and his daughter Emine El İlevi was seriously wounded.  El İlevi
brought his daughter to Turkey for treatment but officials at Adana
State Hospital told him that there was no pediatric surgeon at the
hospital so they did not admit Emine.

As Emine lay in the hospital garden for hours a nurse came to
help her and later her treatment began at Çukurova Dr. Aşkim
Tüfekçi State Hospital.  An inquiry was opened by the Public
Hospitals Union into why Adana State Hospital had not admitted

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A genuine angel of mercy (now let's get that diploma!).

The investigators wanted to hear what the nurse who looked after
Emine in the Adana State Hospital garden had to say.  But it
turned out that 'nurse' K.H., who walks around the hospital in
an nurse's uniform, is not really a nurse.

In her statement, K.H. explained that "since I was a child I
always wanted to be a nurse.  So I got a uniform and I've been
going to the hospital each day to help people for four months.
K.H. even helped out in the operating room and she added that
"no one asked me for an ID."  K.H. was released.

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