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Turkish Trump; Dope-Eating Dopes

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 13 November 2016)

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           Isn't one more than enough?

Abdullah Topçu, the former mayor of Köprübaşı town in
Giresun's Görele district, has become the focus of attention
because of his resemblance to Donald Trump.

Topçu thinks that a Trump presidency will be good for Turkey,
saying "as far as we know from what we see on TV, Trump has
said some nice things about Turkey.  I think his presidency will
be a good one (!).  We expect that he'll return the FETÖ ringleader
(Fethullah Gülen) to Turkey."
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"I think I'll run for president here. I like my chances if you're
all as dumb as the Americans."

People now want to have their picture taken with Topçu, who
noted that "I'm famous now.  And there are some jokes that come
along with my resemblance, like 'what's going to happen to the
dollar?' and 'how much of an increase will you give to retirees?'
I respond in kind."

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               Giresun province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 November 2016)

                    Please pass the Ex-Lax!

Istanbul anti-narcotics police, using the 'risk analysis technique',
took Nigerians O.K. (22) and C.C. (47) into custody at Atatürk
Airport on suspicion of carrying drugs.  When none were found
on either individual police suspected that they may have swallowed
the drugs in capsule form.

The suspects were transported to Haseki Training and Research
Hospital where x-rays were taken.  It turned out that the two men
had swallowed a total of 115 condums with heroin inside them.
700 grams of heroin were retrieved from O.K. and 1 kilo 290
grams (!) from C.C.  Both suspects were taken to jail.

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                            Nigeria and Turkey

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