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Bionic Arm Latest Challenge for 'Superwoman'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 November 2016)

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Next time you complain about the sniffles, think of her.

Zübeyde Nisa Karabacak (26) lost her arm from the elbow down
in an accident in Gaziantep on 21 March.  Searching the internet
for a prosthetic arm, Zübeyde hanım learned that 'Touch Bionics'
produces prosthetics that are controlled by one's brain.

Next, Zübeyde hanım contacted the company's distributor in
Turkey, Simay Medikal, and provided her arm's measurements.  The
bionic arm was manufactured in England for Zübeyde hanım and
brought to Izmir, where it was attached to her natural arm.

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Losing an arm was nothing, after thyroid cancer and heart attacks.

Now, with her new bionic arm, and using 'brain power', Zübeyde
hanım can shake hands, hold a glass of tea and use a computer,
not to mention put make-up on.

As for Zübeyde hanım's life before her bionic arm, she fell victim
to thyroid cancer at age 18 and successfully battled the disease for
5 years.  After that, she suffered two heart attacks before losing her
arm. (!)

Maintaining a positive attitude (somehow!), Zübeyde hanım
embraces life with vigor and says "I can't describe my joy.  The
first night I had it, I slept with my prosthetic arm.  When I hold
something with my new hand I scream with delight."  The cost
of the brain-controlled prosthetic arm is 150,000 TL (about 50,000

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