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Neglectful Dad's Bomb-on-Steroids

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 November 2016)

son sends bomb see this for previous TNT reporting.

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Bomb delivery with his motorcyle helmet on. Nothing 
suspicious about that...

Ali Can Kurdaş, who sent a bomb to his father Osman Kurdaş
last week at his father's company in Maltepe, Istanbul, has been
charged with "intent to kill a close relative by means of a bomb."
After processing at a police station, Ali Can was sent to the
Anatolia Justice Palace in Kartal, Istanbul.

Ali Can accepted guilt and explained that he sent the bomb
because of his father and mother's constant fighting.  He related that
"we watched our parents fight since childhood. They divorced
7 or 8 years ago and myself and my brother stayed with my mother."

As to how he made the bomb, Ali Can said that "I'm into bodybuilding.
But unlike others, I don't use store-bought medicines.  I buy alcohol,
ammonia and other materials and make them myself.  When my
father ignored me on my birthday, I thought I could make a light
explosive from the medicines.  I got information from the internet
about how to make a sound bomb and made the device. They I gave
the package with the device in it to the security guard at the company."

With regard to how he was able to make sure his father would accept
the package, Ali Can explained that "he was expecting a motor part
from the yacht marina so I wrote on the package 'greetings from the

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Dad misses Ali Can's birthday but keeps focus on the high seas.

"Since childhood my father didn't show any interest in me or my
brother.  When I returned from America I thought that by working
at the company the distance between us and the bad feelings could
be eliminated.  But my father didn't change his attitude toward me.
He didn't give me much of a salary and it was late in coming.  I
didn't even get any attention on my birthday."

Ali Can said that he did not intend to kill his father. "I just wanted
to warn him (!). If I had wanted to kill my father I would have put
cut glass or nails in the bomb device I made.  I would have made
the bomb mix stronger.  I just wanted to warn him and, at worst,
injure him somewhat."

"Right after the incident I went to the hospital and when I saw
my father in that condition I started to shake.  I really felt bad.
I feel like screaming because of what I did. I regret it."

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Another boy reflects on parental neglect: "I'm still carrying
a lot of pain!"

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