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Clinton's Turk-centric Downfall

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 19 November 2016)

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Well, admit it, Turkey is pretty much the center of the world.

//ed. note: following item taken from Tunca Bengin's column
in Milliyet.//

Why Didn't the FBI Want Clinton?

Right after the U.S. presidential election we said that the FBI
didn't want Clinton (see my column of 10 November 2016).
After she recovered from the shock, Hillary Clinton said the
same thing.  So what happened? Why did the FBI and the CIA
support Trump instead of Clinton?

Here is a commentary on the subject from retired Captain
Mehmet Asal, a former Turkish Naval Attaché at the Turkish
Embassy in Washington.

"Turkey, with it geopolitical and strategic position, is an
important power that must be kept in hand, or certainly near
at hand.  The main reasons for the frayed relations between
the U.S. and Turkey are the failure to return Fethullah Gülen,
the provision of arms to the PYD and YPG and the choice of
terrorist groups as allies."

"These problems could not be solved with the election of another
Democratic president.  In fact, it could be said that relations with
the U.S. have not been this bad since the 1950s.  And the U.S.'s
shameless pretense of not knowing about the 15 July coup attempt
has brought about a situaiton where Turkey is thinking about a
strategic relationship with Russia. The biggest factor in all of this
is that the Obama administration couldn't align its words and actions."

"The Pentagon and NSA (National Security Agency) thought that 
regime change (!) in the U.S. was unavoidable from the standpoint
of relations with Russia, China and Turkey.  So, by means of the 
FBI, they (Pentagon and NSA) brought down the Democrats and
delivered the presidency to the Republicans with the plan they put
into action." 

"I hope that this new period and beginning will be for Turkey's
benefit.  But it should never be forgotten that relations with
imperialist nations run hot and cold.  In the end, though, their
aims and imperial interests are foremost for them."

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Buttons secretly made by The Pentagon and NSA (with
some help from the FBI).

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