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(Un)Pleasant Dreams

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 November 2016)

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While attendant sleeps (lower left ), thief takes advantage.

video asleep at the switch

The incident occurred at a gas station in Rüştiye on the Bursa-
İnegöl road.  Two youths came to the station to get gas and one
of them noticed that the market attendant was sleeping.  Without
any regard for the sleeping attendant or the security camera, the
youth went to the cash register, took the money and left.

Soon afterwards, the youth entered the market again and took 5
packs of cigarettes.  The two youths then headed in the direction
of Eskişehir.  The attendant woke up,noticed that the cash and
cigarettes were missing and reviewed the security camera footage.

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                There is a precedent.

The Gendarmerie reviewed the license plates of 100 cars that
passed along the highway while the theft occurred and determined
that the thieves were in a car with plate number 26 BG 129 that they
had rented in Eskişehir.  After making contact with the rental car
company, Furkan K. was taken into custody but S.Y., the thief who
was in the gas station market, is still at large.  Because Furkan K.
was just the driver he was released by the court.

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türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 15 November 2016)

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Is it really true what they say about mothers-in-law? Well...

In Tekirdağ, mother-in-law Fatma Ç. had an argument with her
daughter-in-law Nursel Demir (31) and took out her anger by
pouring boiling oily water on Nursel's face and body while she slept.
When Nursel awoke in anguish she screamed for help and was taken
to Tekirdağ State Hospital for treatment.

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Afterwards, Nursel was transferred to a private hospital in Çorlu
district, where she related that "we called my mother-in-law to come
and help watch our child.  She'd been staying with us for 10 days.
We had an argument yesterday and she was going to go to her own
home.  How could she have done this horrible thing to me?  She
dumped boiling oily water on my face. I awoke in great pain. Both
I and my husband have filed a complaint against her."  Fatma Ç.
was taken into custody and released as the investigation continues.

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                       Tekirdağ province

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