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Fleeting 'Taken 2' Fame Taken, Too

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 November 2016)

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 "Are those the haunting notes of Necati's kemençe I hear..."

Necati Yılmaz of Rize lives in Istanbul and he had a part in
the 2012 film 'Taken 2', staring Liam Neeson, where he got
to play his 'kemençe' (3-string violin-like instrument).  But
his fate didn't change, for he still plays his instrument along
İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul in order to make ends meet.

Originally from Güneysu in Rize, Yılmaz has been playing
his kemençe on İstikbal Avenue for 15 years.  He retired from
the baking trade and took up the kemençe.  Everyone along the
avenue knows him, which is how he got the part in 'Taken 2',
directed by Olivier Megaton.

We encountered Yılmaz as he sat and played on the avenue
the other day. He said that "I was sitting right here when I
got the film offer.  I was on the set for a day. I even met the
lead actor (Liam Neeson).  They wanted me to play my
kemençe as part of a scene and they paid me 1,000 TL."

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                                 Rize province

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