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Boss's Nephews Get Fired Worker's Job

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 November 2016)

Tekirdağ Belediyesi’nde ‘işimi istiyorum’ eylemi!
"It's like shoveling shit against the tide.", says Salih bey.

Salih Savaş (47) was working as a parking lot attendant at a
TEKPARK parking lot run by the Tekirdağ municipality until
two months ago when he was let go because, he was told, of
a reduction in the workforce.  Savaş complained to Tekirdağ
Mayar Kadir Albayrak but when he found out that new people
were being hired by TEKPARK he began to protest in front of
the municiple building.

Mayor Albayrak had told Savaş "we'll take care of it."  But
TEKPARK at first did not explain to Savaş why he was let go
and afterwards said only that the parking operation was being
reduced.  Savaş noted that "after I was fired they hired two
people and they are the nephews of the city's transportation
director." (!)

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Not clear which two of the boss's nephews were hired.

Savaş has been taken into custody six times for demonstrating
and released each time.  He said that "using my legitimate
rights I'm trying to get my job back but the police slap cuffs
on my hands and take me into custody. I can't approach within
20 meters of the municiple building but I'll continue my protest
until I get my job back."

As for TEKPARK, board of directors member Şerafettin Kurt
stated that "TEKPARK has reduced size in 11 districts and 153
workers have been let go.  Salih Savaş is one of them.  He's an
aggressive person who organizes workers and incites them to
make protests."

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