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Faux 'ISIS Raid' Nets 1.5 Million USD

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 November 2016)

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  Whoops! Probably these neighbors in the house next door.

In Gaziantep the night before last, Syrian businessman and
international leather trader Hasan Cafer was at home with his
10-member family.  The incident, that could be a movie, happened
in Cafer's home in the Değirmiçem neighborhood of Şehitkamil

At about half past midnight, there was a knock on the door. Seven
individuals, 4 of them in police uniforms and all carrying rifles and
pistols, announced that "we're conducting an ISIS operation" and
entered the home.

The intruders handcuffed all 10 family members in a room in
the family's top floor apartment and told them "we're going to
search the house."  They soon found a steel safe and demanded the
key from Cafer.  When they opened the safe they found 1.5 million

After searching the house for 30 minutes the 7-member gang locked
the 10 family members in a room and fled.  Cafer called the (real)
police, who arrived to liberate the family from the locked room.
Police surveyed the neighborhood and noticed that a day earlier
some of the security cameras on the street had been turned.  The
image of one of the individuals who changed the position of the
street cameras was caught on video.

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                         Gaziantep province

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