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Violence and Women: New Levels of Absurdity

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 7 November 2016)

[Haber görseli]
                        Armed and dangerous.

In Denizli a mother-son fight has become an interesting court
battle.  Şenay Güzel (62) and her son Hasan Güzel share a
house in the Haydar neighborhood of Honaz district.   Saying
that her son insulted her, Şenay hanım took off her rubber slipper
and hurled it at him.

Şenay hanım's throw missed the mark but Hasan went to the police
station anyway and filed a complaint against his mother (!).
The public prosecutor characterized the rubber slipper as a
weapon and prepared an indictment against Şenay hanım for
'attempt to deliberately injure', in accordance with the 86th
paragraph of the relevant Turkish law.

Image result for terlik silah sayıldı şenay güzel
                           Exhibit nr. 1

The court in Denizli accepted the indictment and Şenay hanım's
trial is set for December, with her facing between 2 to 5 years in
jail.  For her part, Şeyan hanım said that "if I knew it was a weapon
I wouldn't have thrown it.  But even if it hit him, a rubber slipper
couldn't do any harm.  Whatever the punishment is I'll accept it.
Is there a mother that doesn't throw her slipper at her child when
she gets mad? There's no mother who hasn't hit her child with a

Şenay hanım's lawyer, Hasan Ozan Orpak, stated that "moms wearing
rubber slippers is universal in the Turkish community. Lots of things
can be considered weapons and a rubber slipper is one of them. But
there are different kinds of slippers so these have to be sorted out.
We will evaluate this indictment as it refers to slippers generally
from a legal standpoint.  In any event, moms should think twice
henceforth about throwing a slipper."

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                   Denizli province

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 7 November 2016)

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           No good deed goes unpunished...

With murders of women hitting the ceiling these days, the news
coming from Bolu makes one say 'enough!'.  A woman named N.Ş.
(35) tried to intervene when a man was beating his wife on the
street.  The man roughed up N.Ş. and told her to mind her own

The man took his wife home but N.Ş., said to have been a bit
tipsy, got into an argument with two passersby.  Police arrived
and asked N.Ş. "why are you getting involved in a fight between
a man and his wife?"  In response, N.Ş. said "why shouldn't I,
what with thousands of women dying these days!"

The police officer said that the man's wife did not file a complaint
against her husband.  N.Ş. was then loaded into the police vehicle (!)
but declared that "I'm filing a complaint! He hit me! Why don't we
just let everyone kill each other!?"  N.Ş. was taken to the police
station where she gave a statement.

 Image result for bolu haritası
                                Bolu province


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