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CSI Cinderella

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 2 November 2016)

Vahşeti 39 numaralı ayakkabı çözecek!
Time of death estimated to be a bit after the clock struck 12.

A shepherd grazing his flock on the slopes of Spil Mountain
in Keçiliköy village in Yunusemre district of Manisa province
on 20 October found the decayed body of a woman.  No ID
card was found on the body but forensic experts in Izmir
determined that the dead woman was about 30 years old.

The experts conjectured that the woman had died 25-30 days
prior to the body being discovered.  No fingerprints could be
obtained but the woman's DNA is currently being checked to
see if it might match anyone on the list of missing persons.

A special police team led by Sezgin Aydın, who just a few days
ago solved the case relating to the horrible death of 4 year-old
Irmak Kupal in Alaşehir, is now trying to solve the mysterious
case of the woman found on Spil Mountain.

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    Police artist's sketch of the deceased.

As the DNA effort continues, the team noticed that a shoe
found on the woman's body was made from a unique type of
leather produced by a firm in Gaziantep.  The firm made only
300 pairs of the size 39 patent leather shoes, which were put on
the market in southeastern Turkey two months ago.

The team contacted police in Gaziantep and firm officials there,
as well.  All of the stores that sold the shoes have turned over
the bank information of all their customers for the past two
months.  The police team is currently in Gaziantep reviewing
store security video footage.

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     Spil Mountain is just south of Manisa city.

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