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Relationships Gone Awry

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 12 November 2016)

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           Hero bus driver Aziz Koç.

In Usküdar district of Istanbul, a bus driver blocked a car with his
bus and prevented a girl from being kidnapped. Bus driver Aziz Koç
was driving his 14R Rasathane-Kadıköy route when he witnessed
an attempt to abduct a young girl.

Koç related  that "last evening between 18:00-19:00, after taking on
passengers at the Çamlıca Elementary School stop, I saw two young
men trying to force a young girl into a white car.  I said to the boarding
passengers 'please hurry up, they're abducting that girl!'   Then I cut off
the white car and blocked it from proceeding."

One of the youths who emerged from the car proclaimed to Koç "I
love the girl. I'm head over heels but her father won't give her to me."
At that same moment, the girl escaped from the car.  Koç added that
"if a girl is screaming 'help' then she's not being abducted volunarily.
A girl who's agreeable will just get in the car and go.  When the police
came I turned the youths over to them.  Then I continued on my route."

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                   Üsküdar district of Istanbul

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 November 2016)

//ed. note: for previous TNT reporting on this fascinating incident see:
trunk murder //

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When Ali bey (right) said "I sold you (Zeynep T.) to Ömer for 
200,000 TL",  her husband Şahin T. (left) took great exception. 

Ali Özcan (29), who was involved in the excavation sector in Silifke
district of Mersin province,  was killed with a hunting rifle by Şahin
T. and his body put in the trunk of Şahin T.'s car.  After being taken
into custody, Şahin T. explained that he committed the murder because
of rape and blackmail.

Suspect Şahin T. said that he and his wife Zeynep T. were having
marital problems and were on the verge of divorce.  Zeynep hanım,
who runs a grocery store, became friends with Ali Özcan and related
that "Ali gave my phone number to Ömer Ç. and I got to chatting with
him. I gave Ömer a loan of 15,000 TL (about 5,000 USD) but he didn't
pay me back.  He said that if I divorced my husband he would marry me.
So I filed for divorce and signed over two houses to a friend of Ömer's."

"I went to dinner with Ömer and he had me drink a fruit cocktail.
Apparently, it was doctored and I passed out.  When I woke up I
was in a hotel room with Ömer and Ali Özcan.  They said they had
a video of them raping me and Ali declared that he had sold me (!)
to Ömer for 200,000 TL.  Then they blackmailed my husband with
the video."

In his statement to police Şahin T. explained how he killed Ali Özcan.
"He was blackmailing me.  I gave him 15,000 TL and two houses but
that wasn't enough.  I saw Ali on the street and wanted to talk
things over but he said to me 'you should have kept an eye on your
woman, you pimp.'  I got mad and hit him with my rifle butt.  He
passed out and I put him in the trunk of my car.  Then I went and got
my wife so we could talk it out.  When we stopped to get gas the
attendant heard noise coming from the trunk.  I told the attendant that
it was a matter of honor and he shouldn't get involved.  Then I took
my hunting rifle from the car and shot Ali four times."

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                   Mersin province


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