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Son Sends Dad a Bomb

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 17 November 2016)

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Alican and Osman Kurdaş experiencing rough seas these days.

Police processing is continuing for software engineer Alican Kurdaş,
who is accused of sending a bomb to his father (!) in Maltepe district
of Istanbul.  Yesterday a bomb brought by a courier exploded at an
energy and automation company on Nazmi Ülker Street in the
Zümrütevler neighborhood of Maltepe, injuring 3 people, one of them

Police viewed surveillance video from the surrounding area resulting
in Alican Kurdaş being taken into custody.  Alican is the son of one of
the firm's partners, Osman Kurdaş, who was seriously injured in the
explosion.  Alican was taken to police headquarters where he has
refused to talk.  Company CEO and founding partner Şahnur Agaik
and Sevgi Özlem were also hurt in the blast.

Alican minus his motorcycle helmet.  He feels naked without it.

As the result of the videos and the investigation, police learned that
Alican left him home wearing a motorcycle helmet (!), got into a taxi
and went to the company.  There he gave the bomb package to the
security guard and again, putting on the motorcycle helmet (!), took a
taxi back to his home.

No ties to any terrorist organization were found in relation to Alican's
background.  Alican did admit during his interrogation that he made
the bomb at home and installed a simple device that triggered the
bomb when the package was opened.  The explosive material used,
"RDX", is quite powerful and police want to know where Alican
obtained it.

Alican's girlfriend was brought to police headquarters but later
released when it was determined that she had no involvement in
the incident.

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      Maltepe district of Istanbul


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