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Beware of Falling Tractors

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 11 July 2017)

Bilecik'te akıllara durgunluk veren kaza! Görenler gözlerine inanamadı
                "Hey, what just happened here?"

A tractor salesman in the Sarmaşık Small Industry Area in Bahçelievler
quarter in Bilecik purchased a second-hand tractor with license plate
54 KH 119.  The tractor was parked in the rear of the store, whose front
is at street level but whose rear is 3 stories above the ground.

Image result for bilecik traktor kazasi 3. kat bahçelievler

Somehow (!) the tractor started up, got stuck in reverse gear and
plunged out of the 3rd floor onto the ground below.  Fortunately,
no one was under the falling tractor and it was removed with a crane.

Image result for bilecik haritası

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