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Has Star U.S. Swimmer Fled to Turkey?

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 6 July 2017)

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U.S. Embassy in Ankara mum on Vollmer's whereabouts.

The Turkish Youth and Sports Ministry has put posters of a swimmer
wearing a bathing cap with the Turkish flag on it at the Burhan Felek
 Indoor Swimming Pool in Üsküdar, Istanbul.  However, the picture
is of U.S. swimmer Dana Vollmer and the USA flag on her bathing
cap has been photoshopped to show the Turkish one (!).

The posters, one at the building's entrance and another inside where
the pool is, bear the slogan "Güçlü Türkiye" (Strong Turkey).  Turkish
swimmers who won medals at the recent European Youth Swimming
Championships reacted negatively, saying "what's the need for such
a ruse? There are plenty of good swimmers in Turkey whose pictures
they could have used."

The fact that Vollmer's name was not erased during the photoshopping
(!) also raised eyebrows.  Vollmer (29) has two world records and has
won 19 gold medals, 8 silvers and 5 bronze - some during the Olympics.

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