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Smuggler Who's an Accountant at Heart

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 July 2017)

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Cengiz Y.'s was a bit more rudimentary but served the
purpose. He coulda been Arthur Andersenoğlu.

Anti-smuggling teams (KOM) in Kilis, on the border with Syria,
raided the home of Cengiz Y. (30) in Bulamaçlı village last May for
drugs.  The KOM team found a 250-page notebook, 500,000 TL
(about $150,000) and 2 unlicensed guns.

Examing the notebook, police saw that since 2014 Cengiz Y. had
recorded about 300 smuggling events, one by one.  In the notebook,
Cengiz Y. detailed the number and make of the cigarettes he
smuggled, as well as the amount of bribes he gave to watchmen (!).
In addition, there was a record of how much the smuggled cigarettes
were sold for and the related profit.  Cengiz Y. also noted his expenses
for transport and warehousing.

The portion of profits to Cengiz Y.'s colleagues, after expenses, was
recorded in the notebook.  Relatedly, illegal goods seized by security
forces were logged in the notebook as losses and deducted
proportionately from each smuggler's profit.

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               Kilis province

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