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Role Reversal: Stork's Babies Get Human TLC

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 July 2017)

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This time, the humans bring care to the baby storks.

In Ağlı district of Kastamonu province, a mother stork was killed when
she hit a high-tension wire.  Now, the father stork, the municipality and
the local people have teamed up to look after the 4 baby storks.

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Payback from the babies the stork brought in the first place.

 Ağlı Mayor Şahin Çolak explained that "this stork had 3 babies each
 year but this year she gave birth to four.  The mother stork flew into a
high-tension wire and died.  The father stork was having a hard time
taking care of the babies so each day we bring meat, bread and milk
for the storks via a fire department ladder."

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Ağlı district is in north-central Kastamonu province.

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