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Breaking Bad at a Chicken Farm

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 28 July 2017)

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Rıfat B. suffers from blurred vision, obviously.

Istanbul anti-narcotics police obtained information that Rıfat B.,
nicknamed 'The Heroin Doctor', who recently emerged from a
15-year prison sentence, was again producing heroin.  Police
determined that each day Rıfat left his home in Bahçelievler,
Istanbul, and travelled to Hendek district of Sakarya province,
where he left his car at a family residence and rode in another
vehicle to a nearby chicken and mushroom farm.

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Resemblance to his hero is uncanny...

Police donned forest ranger uniforms in order to find Rıfat's
hideout and went into the woods each day with axes, saws and
binoculars.  Ultimately, police decided to act and picked up
Rıfat at the Çamlıca toll booths, along with three accomplices.

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Not exactly chicken feed, literally or figuratively.

Simultaneously, police raided the farm in Hendek, where they
found a tunnel opening hidden under nut sacks in a building
basement.  Police had to put on gas masks in order to enter
the tunnel because of the acid smell and found heroin processing
equipment but no heroin.  They next went to the area on the farm
where chicks are raised, excavated a spot covered over with soil
and found a concrete cover, under which was 1 ton (!) of heroin.
7 suspects are currently being interrogated in jail.

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      Hendek is just east of Sakarya.

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