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Camel Urine Advocate Declines to Take a Sip

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 July 2017)

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Taslaman confronts Sifil with an Islamic "Pepsi Challenge"

Philosophy professor Caner Taslaman of Istanbul Technical
University and Dr. Ebubekir Sifil of Yalova University's Islamic
Knowledge Faculty participated in a live broadcast on the
HaberTürk TV channel  the night before last.

The topic of the broadcast was "Are the hadis essentially orders
in Islam?" ('hadis' are second or third-hand lessons attributed to
the Prophet Muhammed).  Prof. Taslaman asserted that the hadis
are most made-up and he added "for example, according to
Buhari (Muhammed al-Bukhari, a 9th century İslamic scholar),
it is proper to drink camel urine and our Prophet recommended
it.  God forbid! There is an illness called Middle East Respitory
Syndrome that is associated with a virus from camel urine. 40%
of patients die.  I've brought a bottle of camel urine.  If Ebubekir
bey trusts in it let him drink it."

Sifil defended the veracity of the hadis under discussion but
declined to take a drink of the camel urine offered by Taslaman.

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             "Hey, it's very refreshing!"

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