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Hubby Plants Fake Bomb to Scare Divorcing Wife

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 July 2017)

            Bomb disposal foils wife-disposal.

In Ereğli district of Zonguldak province, a husband wanting to
scare his wife who had just filed for divorce, put a fake bomb
underneath her car.  Yeliz Ö left work at her factory job and
headed home.  But some co-workers noticed a pipe hanging
from beneath her car and told her to stop.  Further inspection
revealed that the pipe was taped to the car's undercarriage,
with wires and a battery dangling.

Yeliz Ö. ran from the car in a panic and police were called to
the scene.  The car was cordoned off by explosives experts and
what turned out to be a fake bomb was destroyed in a controlled
explosion.  The subsequent investigation found that Yeliz Ö.'s
husband Sezai Ö. had placed the fake bomb to frighten his wife
because she had opened a divorce suit against him. Sezai Ö. was
taken into custody by police.

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Ereğli district is in western Zonguldak province.

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