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Brit Tourists Entertained by Dancing Boys

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 15 July 2017)

Çocukların yarı çıplak dansıyla tepki çeken bar kapatıldı
 Last minute replacements: All the girls were down the street 
at Hooters.

The incident occurred in a bar owned by Selamettin Yılmaz (52) on
Çarşı Avenue in Ölüdeniz neighborhood of Fethiye on 11 July.  Young
boys B.A. and H.B.,excited by the music in the bar frequented mostly
by British tourists, came in, jumped on top of the bar, took
off their t-shirts and started dancing.

The dancing boys drew the attention and applause of the bar patrons, 
one of whom posted a picture of the scene on social media with the 
caption "Young boys made to dance half-naked on top of a bar as the
deviant customers looked on."  

Çocukların yarı çıplak dansıyla tepki çeken bar kapatıldı
Somewhat older Gendarmerie soldiers replaced the boys.

The Ölüdeniz Gendarmerie post's investigation of the incident is 
continuing and the district chief has opened an inquiry, as well.  
Meanwhile the bar has been closed for 30 days for allowing children
under 18 to enter a place where alcohol was being sold.  Bar owner
Yılmaz had to send his 28 employees home, while his fellow store-
owners on the street protested that the closure penalty was much too

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