6 Eylül 2014 Cumartesi

Aljazeera Becomes the News in Istanbul

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 September 2014)

Ünlü televizyoncuya Aksaray'da garson dayağı
Friends with Robert De Niro - could have used the Raging Bull
(or at least Travis Bickle)

Abdulla El Neccar (52), one of the senior directors of Aljazeera
television and a resident of Qatar, came to Istanbul with his wife,
son and brother Abdurrahman El Neccar, a real estate investor,
for a touristic visit. On Friday they went to a kebap restaurant in
the Aksaray section of Istanbul.

El Naccar and his family were having their meal at one of the
sidewalk tables when one of the waiters started to sprinkle
water onto the street. Some of the water spilled on to El Naccar's
wife and despite a warning from El Naccar the waiter continued
to sprinkle the water.

An argument between El Naccar and the waiter turned into a
fight, resulting in 5 other waiters beating El Naccar, his son and
his brother with fists and bats. The El Naccar side tried to defend
themselves with the stools they were sitting on but both El Naccar's
son and his brother were injured. The five waiters were released
by police, pending trial.

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