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Of Cleopatra and Other Comely Ladies

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(Sabah Newspaper, 7 September 2014)

 Sacred sand (come again, sacred sand?)

The golden yellow sand at Cleopatra Beach in Mugla is being
protected by private security guards. Sedir Island, 25 kilometers
from Marmaris in Camli hamlet, is famous for its natural beauty,
ancient ruins and the beach that bears the name of the Queen of
Egypt.  Supposedly, Marcus Antonius had the golden yellow sand
from the beach shipped to Egypt for his lover Queen Cleopatra.

In the beach guard tower, instead of a lifeguard there's a 'sand
guard'. The beach is cordoned off with ropes and it is forbidden
to lay a towel on it or even walk on it with flip-flops.  There are
signs in Turkish and English  that warn that "in no manner can
sand be taken or carried away. Violators will be processed in
accordance with law number 2863."

The 'sand guards' are on duty from 8 in the morning until 7 in
the evening.  They say that visitors to the beach come hoping
to spread the sand on their faces to beautify themselves like
Cleopatra.  For the most  part, Turkish and Russian beachgoers
try to take sand away, according to the 'sand guards'.

Sedir Island is the upper red dot, 25 kilometers north of Marmaris.

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turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 September 2014)

Vesikalı isyan
'There was a house in New Orleans...uh Ankara...'

A house of  ill repute ('genelev' in Turkish) was established in
the Bentderesi area beneath Ankara's historic tower  in 1930
and the area was declared a first and second degree SIT
(protected) region in 1980. However, two years ago the Ankara
municipality decided to take down the 'house' for the sake of
urban renewal and based on a decison by the Altindag District
Chief's Commission for the Struggle Against  Venereal Diseases
and Prostitution, the 'house' was demolished.

When no provision was made for a new 'house', the 'ladies of the
night' were left out in the cold.  Some of the 300 (!) prostitutes
moved to other provinces to seek employment, but 30 others filed
suit in court to have the municipality build another 'house' in
Ankara.  The court, however, took note of a report that found
that houses of ill repute do not comport with good health
practices and rejected the suit.  The ladies are now awaiting a
verdict from a higher court of appeals.

One of the ladies, H.G., declared that "they don't treat us as
people but we do this job with a license issued by the state.
Now they tell us to just go die. We're going to set up tents in
front of the municipal building and protest."

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