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Procreator Nonpareil Can't Get Story Straight

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 1 September 2014)

Bu bebek kimin
               It's a boy! Where'd he come from??

In Istanbul, businessman B.F. (54) has four daughters from his 'official'
wife S.F. (50) and another daughter from S.G., with whom he
has lived for the past 10 years. But B.F. still held out hopes for a son,
causing him headaches. One day B.F. brought a male child to his
'official' wife's home and had the boy recorded at the birth registry.
When the 'other woman' (S.G) heard about this she filed a criminal
complaint, starting a chain of events in three courts over two years.

S.G. claimed in her petition that "suspect B.F. has lived with me for
10 years. He has five daughters. When he couldn't have a son he
bought one for money and had the boy registered."  In response, B.F.
claimed that the boy was a 'test-tube baby' brought into the world in
Cyprus in collaboration with his 'official' wife S.F.  However, when
B.F. learned that there would be a DNA test to prove this he changed
his story.

B.F. made an additional statement to the public prosicutor, as
follows: "a woman who sent a cleaner to our house told my wife
that she had a pregnant relative who wanted to give up her child
to a well-off family.  Since we would be able to give the child good
care we took him into our home and registered him under my name.
I didn't know this was a crime."

Prosecutor Nihat Karapinar asked the Istanbul 8th Court of First
Instance on 5 January 2013 for a sentence of  from 1 to 3 years for
B.F. and S.F., while also filing suit in the 6th Court of First Instance
to have the birth registration nullified.  The 6th Court rejected the
case, saying that the child's parentage was uncertain so the Family
Court should handle the matter.

At this point, however, the real mother appeared. Turkmenistan
citizen Nazira H. made the following statement to the 9th Family
Court in Bakirkoy, Istanbul, on 21 November 2013:  "I had a
romantic relationship with B.F. and got pregnant. We split up before
the birth. I'm in tough economic straits.  I am requesting that the
parentage of the child be properly recorded."

The court then decided to have all parties submit to DNA tests.
B.F. again refused to give a DNA sample. He did, though,
change his court statement on 21 January 2014 for the third time,
admitting that the male child in question was his and Nazira H.'s.
The two-year case, which has wound itself through three courts,
is expected to be settled  in November.

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