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Overconsuming Bachelors: Off With Their Heads!

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(Sozcu Newspaper, 14 September 2014)

Courtesty of  ISIS Madmen Advertising Agency

Turkish Family and Social Policies Minister Aysenur Islam
has put out an advertising campaign that has raised a storm
in social media. The Ministry, via a post from its Twitter
account, started a campaign "against singles", with messages
that try to illustrate the "disadvantages of living alone."

One poster emphasizes that people who live alone consume
much more than family members by depicting three adult
individuals carrying their decapitated heads in bags (!). The
campaign has sparked a backlash in social media because
the poster calls to mind the spector of ISIS beheading scores
of people in Syria and Iraq.

The controversial Twitter posts were subsequently deleted
by the Ministry because of the outcry.  The Ministry has
created other controversies among the public such as
promising to "erase the credit debts of university students
who get married", as part of its effort to promote marriage.

ISIS Madmen Account Executives at a team-build.

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